#1 Business, Government, and Society During this course, you will create a company profile applying concepts and topics covered in the course to your selected company. This assignment will be the firs

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#1 Business, Government, and Society

During this course, you will create a company profile applying concepts and topics covered in the course to your selected company. This assignment will be the first that you will work on as part of a course project of the company due in Unit VIII. This project will begin with defining a solution design project and end with a display of your work in Unit VIII.

You will develop the learning scenario on which you will base the next parts of the project. You will begin this project in this unit, with new sections added throughout the course. You will submit each assignment separately until you combine the project in the final document.

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Consider an industry that you find interesting, then select an organization within that industry to use throughout the course. Be sure you choose an organization large enough for success in completing the course assignments that lead up to completing the project due in Unit VIII. Publicly traded organizations publish their annual reports known as a Form 10-K report in the United States. This report includes information to help you address the course topics and complete your course work from a knowledgeable viewpoint. Form 10-K reports can be found in the investor relations section of the organization’s website as well as through the Securities and Exchange Commission website.

Part 1:

For this first assignment, select an organization/company that interests you. In your selection of a company, selecting a publicly traded company provides greater access to information about the company through reviewing the company’s SEC Annual Report known as Form 10-K. Selecting a publicly traded company is highly recommended. To complete the assignments throughout the course, students will need to conduct research on the company to successfully address the assignment topics. Include the following topics in your paper:

·         Introduce the organization by providing a one- to two-paragraph background of your selected company. For example:

·         What is the name of the organization/company?

·         What is the primary product and industry?

·         Where is the organization/company’s home office?

·         From a global perspective, what is the purpose and responsibility this organization supports within its mission or value statements?

·         Summarize the corporation’s responsibilities to internal and external stakeholders.

·         Analyze the differences between internal and external stakeholders’ concerns. Does the organization address these differences?

·         Who are the stakeholders of this organization?

·         Why are stakeholder relationships important to this organization?

·         What evidence can you find that the organization considers stakeholder relationships in decision-making?

·         Provide one example of how the organization actively contributes to building relationships with stakeholders.

·         Include what you believe the organization wants to accomplish in building this relationship.

·         If you cannot find evidence that the organization supports stakeholder relationships, identify the benefit the organization receives from taking this approach of not building relationships with stakeholders and the potential risks the organization faces in not considering stakeholder relationships.

Part 2:

For this second portion of your course project, you will further analyze your selected organization by identifying the support for the organization’s social performance and sources and allocation of the organization’s resources. The same organization selected in Unit I should be used for each assignment. In this unit you will complete another section of your project due in Unit VIII. This section should address the topics below.

·         Include an introduction of your topic to provide a clear background so that the audience can gain an understanding of the purpose of this portion of the paper.

·         Identify types of power present within the organization you selected. How does this organization demonstrate responsible use of power within our democratic society?

·         Examine how a business’s mission statement can integrate social objectives.

·         Include an example of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity that either the organization you selected participates in or an example of a CSR activity that is a good fit for the organization’s internal or external stakeholder groups.

·         Evaluate how this organization might assess its CSR activity.

·         Summarize how management practices support this CSR activity. Include how the organization’s resources can affect governments and societies.

·         Analyze the costs and benefits of government regulations on businesses and society based on your selected organization’s actions or that industry’s actions. Include at least one regulation in your analysis.

This section of your project must be at least three pages in length, and you should use at least two academic sources. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including a title page, in-text citations, and references for all sources that are used. In Unit VIII all sections/assignments will be combined into one project.

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