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i have not chose a topic but i have what my professor suggested for me you can choose what ever he talked about but DONT DIG TO MUCH .

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Final Research Project –

Throughout the semester, students must work with in consultation with the professor
to developing a final research project that relates to the topic of political Islam. While it is
expected that some course materials will be used, the bulk of the project should be based on
outside sources. It is also expected that each project will analyze at least one primary source –
whether they be writings by Islamists, Islamist films, websites, interviews with
proponents/critics, etc. – used in appropriate context. The finished product should be a 15-20
page paper with correct-form footnotes plus a separate bibliography.

Finding a topic that is original, meaningful, and manageable is rewarding, but also a
challenge. Therefore, I recommend that you keep a list of possible ideas from the
beginning of the semester. Partway through the semester, I will ask each student to submit
two possible project ideas for me to consider. The final project will be due printed out in CLASS

Topic Suggestion –

You could write a paper that compares that with another text (maybe something by Hasan al-Banna or sayyid qutb) or that analyzes some aspect of it by itself (like “does it encourage violence?” Or “what does he think about monarchy?”). Basing this around analyzing a text will help you to make sure your paper is focused clearly on a few things you can prove, I’d suggest taking a look at that book just quickly if you haven’t read it before; you might be surprised that it’s actually simpler and easier to understand than you would expect. You can find it here:https://www.missionislam.com/knowledge/books/tawhe… “kitab al tawhid book” Even so, if you look at it and still decide it’s going to be too difficult, then I suggest taking a look at a particular movement, and one particular aspect of that movement; “How does Nahda (or the Muslim brotherhood, or the AK party) understand democracy?” “how does ISIS understand violence?” “how does Hezbullah talk about reading the Qur’an?”. A lot of those questions will still not be specific enough — so you may need to compare them with another movement or using another dimension: how does the Muslim brotherhood talk about violence now (or between 2000-2013) vs the way they talked about violence in the 1930’s and 40’s? How does Hezbullah’s approach to democracy compare to Nahda’s approach? How does the role of women (or the role of poor people, or the role of educated people) in mobilizing support compare between the AK party and the Iranian Revolution? So something like that. I honestly think that you will have an easier time focusing on one or two texts (in whatever language is more comfortable for you) and analyzing those than doing a lot of extra research at this point, but it’s your choice.

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