150 WORDS AGREE OR DISAGREE In regards to this weeks question, I do believe America is doing enough to address “domestic” terrorism.  In order to really address an issue, the issue has to be identifie

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In regards to this weeks question, I do believe America is doing enough to address “domestic” terrorism.  In order to really address an issue, the issue has to be identified.  Here in the United States we have many organizations which help us identify these terrorist issues.  We have counter-terrorist organizations and intelligence agencies such as Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Counter-intelligence Force Protection Source Operation (CFSO), Counter-intelligence Field Activity (CIFA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to name a few.  When these agencies or intelligence organizations recieve information on terrorist activities, they are actively fighting the war on terrorism.  Hence, addressing the issue of domestic terrorism.

On the other side of the spectrum, I found it very interesting that there is an issue with us here in the United States which prevent us from being as effective as we could be with fighting the Global War on Terrorism.  This issue being the cross agency information sharing which can hinder the effectiveness of counterterrorism/antiterrorism activities. Allan Behm believes there are four principles which can help with coordination efforts which are: defining clear roles and responsibilities, policy formulation/operational responsibility, coordinating body focuses on strategic issues, and that the coordinating body promotes cross agency cooperation (Ganor, B. 2008).  I firmly believe having the information sharing between agencies is important and what Behm stated is very important on the active fight against terrorism.  If we cannot share with each other, fighting the same fight, then maybe we here in the United States need to consolidate/combine agencies to be more effective.

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Domestic terrorism is those who are citizens of the United States whom commit/demonstrate terrorist activities.  Domestically we have a well known group such as the Ku Klux Klan.  International terrorism is simply put as non-citizens who live outside the United States and commit/demonstrate terrorist activities on any country around the world.  A good example of a terrorist organization who commits international terrorism is the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Domestically we moved forward with the civil rights movements addressing the domestic KKK issue (Ganor, B. 2008).  Additionally, intelligence agencies are tracking this organized group and others which I did not mention to defend the people here in the United States.  No way will the KKK ever achieve ethnic cleansing nor will any other group take over as long as America has pro-active agencies here in the United States.

– Rich G.


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