2 000 word essay on international destination management

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-essay should refer to a minimum of four academic articles, word count 2,000 words (with a margin of 10%), Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing, use proper APA referencing style.

TOPIC: The success of the tourism sector in any given destination depends on the way it is managed. Discuss what is meant by destination management, what areas should be covered by the DMO/NTO and what are the possible challenges that face the NTO/DMO in this regard.

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essay must consist of:

introduction: Properly introduce your topic and the issues you plan to discuss

discussion: Illustrate your knowledge of the topic and understanding. Critically analyse and discuss the issue, including examples, illustrations and data

conclusion: Conclude your essay by highlighting a recommendation or a way forward in line with your discussion

structure: Your essay should have an academic style and a logical structure

– the presentation attached has information about the DMO

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