3 Paragraph Min Full 2 Pages Abt Animal Abuse

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Plz write 3 paragraph minimum full 2 pages, and each paragraph will be like:

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P1. Needs: This section of the paper will address the problem. For example, if you are choosing to better treatment of farm animals, the problems might be methods of keeping, killing animals, etc. You will need to provide sources for this section.

P2. Policy: The policy section will address the solution to the problem. Again, if you are addressing better treatment of farm animals, this might address how to get people to provide more space for animals, government incentives, etc. This section will need to provide sources.

P3. Benefits: The benefits section will address the rewards for choosing your policy. If you are choosing better treatment of animals, you will need to address how more space for animals or government incentives would benefit animals and farmers. This section should have sources as well.

I attached my brainstorm, so plz follow it as much as possible.

Also, each of the paragraph must be used at least 1 sources that I attached.

This writing must be used at least 2 kinds total of the sources.

I will do works cited, but if you will use other credible sources (.gov and .edu etc.), plz give it to me.

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