4 Paragraph essay 1000 words on Cell Phones.

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Two opinion articles published in the New York Times, Sherry Turkle’s “Stop Googling, Let’s Talk” (2015) and Jane E. Brody’s “Hooked on Our Smartphones” (2017), address people’s relationship to their smartphones. While there are similarities in their rhetorical approaches, there are also some significant differences.

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Your task is to complete the following:

Successful papers will:

  1. introduce the topic and texts and provide brief summaries of the authors’ arguments;
  2. include a thesis statement that establishes your reasoned position on which text is more rhetorically effective in appealing to the intended audience;
  3. support your analysis clearly, focusing on the rhetorical strategies from the assigned texts:
    1. integrate evidence and examples from both texts through quoting and paraphrasing, using appropriate documentation;
    2. analyze these textual examples to support your position;
  4. conclude thoughtfully;
  5. be cohesively structured with effective transitions so that your reader does not get lost while reading;
  6. clearly communicate your ideas for an educated reader and be mostly free of grammatical errors.

This essay is not an agree or disagree exercise, nor is it intended to generate an extensive summary of the articles.

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