6-8 page research paper on peacekeeping in North Korea

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Attached is the research proposal and info is below.

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Expand upon your Research Paper Proposal, completing a 6-8 page, double-spaced, research paper on one of the major concepts, events, or people associated with the history of peacekeeping, 1988-present.

It should include a title page, reference citations (from multiple sources – primary and secondary), and a References List. Sources used within the text must be cited using in-text citations (Author last name year, page) or (Author last name year, n.p.) if no page given. Corresponding Reference List entries should hold the full Turabian Author-Date citation. An example is provided at the end of the Syllabus with the Course Materials. There should be no entries in the References List that are not used in the in-text citations; all in-text citations need a corresponding single entry in the Reference List.

Substantial research other than the required course readings is necessary. NOTE: Internet sources (web sites) should be rarely used, if ever. Exceptions are scholarly websites and documents available through the APUS Online Library. (Wikipedia is not considered a valid academic source). Your paper should have the following minimum elements: a title page, strong introduction with thesis statement, body of the paper, in-text citations, page numbering, strong conclusion that relates back to the introduction a works cited page.

Your research paper must reflect your own original thoughts, even though the issues may have been previously presented elsewhere. The research paper will be graded based on the quality of the student’s research, writing, and creativity. Important note: A paper submitted without a previously approved and graded proposal will be given a grade of zero.

Submission Guidelines

1. Please format your assignment with a title page that includes your name, the class, the date, the assignment name, and the title.

2. Insert a header on the paper that includes your name, the date, and a page number.

3. Separate peer-reviewed articles from primary sources in the References List. Two sections should be included: Primary Sources and Secondary Sources. Don’t forget to put your list in alphabetical order by author or organization name. You may use the recommended Turabian Author-Date style for primary sources without authors – these will flow quite well with just their titles at the left margin rather than an author or organization name. The organization name (like United Nations General Assembly) comes after the title. Then date, etc. Just remember, in separating the sources in this way, we are in a “history” course so there will be several primary sources. In most IRLS classes, we want all your sources listed by author and/or organization name. That way, your reader may just browse the list quickly to know what sources you are using throughout. Always check with your professor for preferences in this area.

4. Use Turabian Author-Date parenthetical in-text citations and a References List to hold sources as mentioned in your syllabus on page 3 under Course Materials.

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