A Multiattribute Benefits-Based Choice Model with Multiple Mediators Article Analysis

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Class: Marketing Research

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You are required to create a written summary based on an article taken from a scholarly marketing research publication pertaining to the execution of consumer-based business marketing research such as the Journal of Marketing Research. Utilize the college library to access one of the online professional reference databases such as EBSCoHost (Links to an external site.). The article you select must have been written in the past 12 months. The idea is to see how the concepts we learn in class are applied in the real business world.

The article summary must include:

  1. A cover page with your article’s title, author, and source as well as your name, the course title and number, and the date.
  2. An overview or summary of the marketing research article (55 points)
  3. How the topic specifically pertains to information in the course and textbook (30 points)
  4. Your business opinion of the significance the subject has on today’s organizations using marketing research. (10 points)
  5. Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, continuity/flow of paper (5 points)

The article must be summarized in 2 (full) typewritten pages of content, using 12 font, double spacing, Times New Roman font style, size 12. Make sure that you select a detailed article that will enable you to satisfy these requirements.


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