A short Assignment

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Answer all the questions.

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1. The long-time community grocery market Ingram’s was recently sold and the name changed to The Meat Market. The market now includes a larger selection of meats. As customers become familiar with the change and demand grows, how would you expect the market’s cycle inventory measured in days of inventory to change? Explain.

2. When are quantity discounts justified in a supply chain?

3. What is the difference between lot-sized-based and volume-based quantity discounts?

4. Discuss why supply chain profits may be hurt by a retailer making lot-sizing decisions with the sole objective of minimizing its own costs. What advantage would result if the entire supply chain could coordinate this decision?

5. What is the role of safety inventory in the supply chain?

6. What are the pros and cons of each of the three measures of product availability?

7. Why is Amazon able to provide a large variety of books and music with less safety inventory than a bookstore chain selling through retail stores?

8. In the 1980s, the paint was sold by color and size in paint stores. Today, paint is mixed at the paint store according to the color required. Discuss what, if any, impact this change has on safety inventories in the supply chain.

9. We have limited time to discuss Chapter 14 in the classroom. One topic we will not get to cover is the dabbawalas. After watching the video “A day in the life of a Mumbai Dabbawala” answer the following questions and submit your answers as a word document through this assignment page.

A Day in the Life of a Mumbai Dabbawala

9-1. Why have the dabbawalas been so successful?

9-2. What challenges would be encountered if such a system was introduced in Alabama?

9-3. How would these challenges be different if introduced in New York City?

9-4. How does the dabbawala system compare to Amazon? Give at least three examples.

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