Abnormal Psychology Definition Common Disorders

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View the video, read the scenario, then write an an essay format. Use the questions as headings i n your essay. APA format must apply.

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What is Abnormal Psychology: Definition and Common Disorders Studied

Watch Video:

Imagine that you are on the subway going to school. A very neatly dressed man suddenly stands up singing his heart out. He is singing very loudly his favorite opera song but is not showing any signs of danger towards others. People are staring at him and laughing, but the man is oblivious to those around him. He now starts dancing on the subway knocking people over.

Is this normal behavior? Does his behavior indicate signs of mental illness? Why or why not? (hint: What do you need to know before determining that his behavior is abnormal? see chapter one in your textbook & video)

Length of your assignment should be about 3 or 4 paragraphs with explanations and integration of concepts in chapter one.

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