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For this assignment you will need to log in canvas Hartnell I will attach the link for you to get axis to the power points to complete this assignment please keep in mind you will need to review both power points to write this paper if you have any trouble logging in message me other than that user 0223385,password 02181988…

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Type a two page minimum (double-spaced) summary of the PowerPoint file on The Endangered Species Act and related topics. Type your name, date, and ABT-58 (single-spaced) in the upper-right corner. Use 12-point Times Roman font, no extra spacing before or after paragraphs, and one-inch margins all around. Keep in mind that a two page summary is considered a minimum effort, and will be graded accordingly. Papers that receive an A are generally 3 or more pages long, and demonstrate attention to the key concepts of the lecture.

The assignment is to write a summary in your own words,focusing on the key points and ideas of the lecture. Plagiarism is never permissible!

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