analyses Dolce Gabbana brand in Creative cultural industry range, management homework help

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report of 1,800 words which:

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(Lecture 3_student_copy)this ppt file is very important, pleases read it.

– analyses a CCI brand (see list below for brand types allowed), and

– identifies and appraises options for the brand’s development, and

– makes recommendations for brand enrichment/development.


Use the CREATIVE framework to analyse the brand. Say which are the three or four most important aspects of the framework which drive the brand. Are there weaker aspects of the framework which could be improved? Which ones? Why?


The submission should be in report format, i.e. using headings, subheadings, diagrams, photographs, charts, tables, models, frameworks, narrative and bullet-points, references, and appendices. The word count excludes tables, graphs, diagrams, bibliography/references, and appendices. No particular font style is required, but if students want a guideline, they can use Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1.5 spacing, with margins not less than 2.54 cm on left and 3 cm on the right. All pages should be numbered for ease of reference.

The coursework assignment is about a case study – the study of a single, specific, case of a CCI brand. This assignment enables us to try to apply the theory to business reality. That way we can learn how to think in a marketing or business way about branding issues in CCI.

All brand marketing decisions should be based on data, information, insight, and evidence, as much as possible. We need data to help our thinking, and our clear judgement about situations and about business strategies.

In a case study, we need data. For the purpose of this assignment, everything is potentially case-related data. For example, the organisation’s mission statement or philosophy is data, the content of the organisation’s web site is data, the descriptions of the organisation’s cultural offerings are data, the advertisements by the organisation are data, Tripadvisor ratings by consumers are data, speeches by the company president, annual reports, prices, opening hours, investor relations pages, government statistics, policy documents, video clips on Youtube, fanzines, media web-pages, photographs, objects, newspaper reports, magazine articles, all of these things can be examined as data, or in other words information, about the brand.


The suggested structure for your coursework report is as follows:

  • Cover Page
  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction (what brand are you going to write about and why it is interesting, topical, timely and important)
  • Analysis of the brand
  • Identification of Options, to deal with ways in which the brand could be changed for the better.
  • Recommendation – which of the options would you choose to recommend to the brand’s management team as the best way to manage the brand for the next 1-5 years?
  • Appendices (excluded from word count)
  • In many of the lectures and the readings, there are frameworks/models. You are expected to make use of them in the coursework, and to use them correctly. Copy-pasting a framework into the report gets you NO MARKS. What gets you marks is “populating” the framework, i.e. applying it to the case by using details from the case.

    There are no penalties for exceeding the word count guideline. However, please do your very best to respect it. Consider carefully, please:

  • whether you can use tables, graphs, pictures and appendices to make the content more dense, and reduce the word count that way – in other words, practice making your point more succinctly; after all, that is what professional people try to do.
  • remember that when, in the future, you are employed and asked by your boss to write a report, less is usually more – in other words, the more quickly you get to the point, to the heart of the matter, the better.
  • The type of brand about which you write (i.e. the brand “referent”, what is being referred to) will dictate some of the theory that you use. In other words, if you are writing about an individual, such as Lang Lang, Zoella, or Paul Smith, you will need to look at the literature on people brands and celebrity. If you are studying the TATE galleries, you will need to look at the theory on museum brands, organisational brands and visual arts brands. If you are researching a theatrical venue, you will need to look at performing arts literature. And so on.

    Please maintain critical analytical distance from the focal/case organisation – no “corporate cheerleading” or mindless approval!! Reports which tell the reader only how wonderful the brand is and simply echo the brand web-sites will score much lower/zero marks for that specific piece of writing. Analysis is better than simple description, and also better than repeating what the brand spokespeople say as if you believed it implicitly. You will need to say what works well for the brand, but also what works less well and what could be done better.

    You are expected to read widely, including:

    – Journal articles

    – Books – professional and academic

    – Book chapters

    – Textbooks

    – Media articles

    – Other pieces of data.

    Referencing: you must reference your work correctly using the Harvard method, at least 14.

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