analyzed Metaphor and simile in Othello.

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weeks 11-In act two, Iago sets his plot in motion by getting Cassio drunk. What does this accomplish and how does he take advantage of the outcome? Find metaphorical lines that can be analyzed into tenor and vehicle. This act also shows the first signs of Othello revealing his tragic flaw. Find lines that reveal the character of Othello and Iago. Also, find a line with an unfamiliar word and explain how looking up the word allowed you to understand the meaning of the line.

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upload document in both.



In Act III we witness Othello’s transformation into a round character. This is all part of Iago’s plot to bring about Othello’s destruction. What are the elements of that plot? Act III, scene III, lines 94-277 has been called the temptation scene. How does Iago plant the seed of doubt into Othello’s mind. Iago says that “Dangerous conceits are in their nature poisons” (III, iii, 325). What is this dangerous conceit, and how does it change Othello. Find two metaphorical lines and analyze them into tenor and vehicle. Find a line with an unfamiliar word and look it up. How does understanding the word help you understand the line?

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