Angry Men Assignment

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The following assignment should be around 1500 thousand words. It doesn’t need to be an essay format. You can organizing according to the sections noted below.

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For section 1 start with a direct quote from the film (use screenplay for the quote) and then paraphrase it in your own words so that you can easily make it fit into the format of a deductive argument or inductive. If you format it as a deductive argument go on to explain whether you think the argument is valid or invalid, if its valid move on to explain whether it is sound or unsound. If you think the argument is best presented as inductive, discuss whether you believe it is strong or weak.

For section 2 through 4, take quotes or describe scenes taken directly from the film. Then apply the terminology we have learned in class for biases, rhetorical devices and fallacies. Explain why you think these descriptions fit the scenes you choose

Please use the following outline for the assignment, use the headings to divide each section and subsection.

12 Angry Men Questions

1. Describe 5 arguments in the film (give issue, premises and conclusion).

a. Determine if the argument is deductive or inductive

b. If deductive, determine if the argument is valid/invalid sound/unsound

c. If inductive, determine if the argument is strong or weak.

2. Give three examples of cognitive bias found in the film.

3. Giver three examples of Rhetoric found in the film.

4. Give three example of Informal Fallacies found in the film.

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