Annotated Bibliography.

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The assignment has three different steps in submitting:

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for this homework you will only need to do step one+ the other steps I will extend the time

First: You will submit an annotated bibliography. This means a submission of AT LEAST 5 citations that will help you with your paper. Each source must have a few sentences describing why the article is important to the paper. Do NOT copy and paste anything from the article – use your own words to explain the usefulness of the articles. Again, 5 sources is a MINIMUM number and not enough for full credit.

Turnpike Trooper Analysis Paper

The author of Turnpike Trooper, John Hogan, describes his experiences with the NJ Troopers and the accusations of racial profiling. In this paper you will consider Hogan’s experiences and arguments and explain whether or not you agree with his arguments, and if you think he accurately explains the situation, and why or why not. You need to research the situation as it existed in New Jersey in the late 1990s/early 2000s. You can also bring in research that focuses on other areas or is more modern. Be sure that your paper has at least 5 legitimate outside sources, aside from the book, that either support the author, or offer different perspectives. Legitimate sources include major media outlets, particularly in-depth newspaper coverage, and government reports. Other sources can be considered, but getting past what is labelled as “legitimate” should be kept to a minimum.

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