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As discussed and demonstrated in class (remember the exercise involving the marketing of pet rocks), the marketing research process and related marketing research plans are applicable and indeed essential to the successful design and ultimate implementation of any marketing campaign. The Natarajan, Godkin, and Parayitam (2009) article makes the point that marketing research represents an important element of the marketing process. The article also makes the connection between marketing research and a concept known as sense-making, a process by which individuals develop structure to unknown situations, and make sense of those situations as they occur by using retrospective accounts to explain those things that occur.

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The Natarajan et al. (2009) article (attached as a pdf) makes the case that “sense-making helps temper the concept of marketing research and account for the human factor” (p. 41).

According to Natarajan et al. (2009), sense-making involves a combination of “triggers” (p. 38) that individuals experience in the quest/process of knowledge creation. As it relates to the marketing research process, our text provides the steps of the process in Chapter 9, and the Natarajan et al. (2009) article offers a very similar, component-specific illustration on page 36. The basic difference between the two illustrations is that the components of the marketing research process are presented in vertical format in Chapter 9 of the text, and Natarajan et al. (2009) present the same information in circular format. Regardless of format, the basic structure and process is the same.

Your answer to the following two-part question should take no more than two double-spaced pages in 12-point font. Be sure to answer both parts. Also, a third page will be devoted to your reference list consisting of an APA-compliant citation of the Natarajan et al. (2009) article.

Quiz 4, as a completed Word document, is due for turn in in class on Thursday, December 7.


Part 1

Of the various sense-making triggers discussed by Natarajan et al. (2009), select two of them, and discuss where and how they may impact a specific phase of the marketing research process.

Part 2

Do you agree/disagree with the conclusions made by Natarajan et al. (2009), and why?

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