Answer 5 questions based on the case study

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1. When a manufacturing company buys a machine that will last them many years, the cost of that machine does not constitute a cost to the company in the year when it was purchased. Rather, the machine is included as an asset on the balance sheet, which diminishes in value over time. While value is subjective and the value of assets on a balance sheet often deviate from the market value of that asset, the principle of separating costs from investments is important. When Netflix spends $200 million on a production of a particular content (i.e., a movie or a series), discuss how you would think about the value of that content one year, five years and 20 years from now? While the book value (i.e., value on the balance sheet) could be interesting, focus your discussions about how you, as strategists, would think about the change of value of content over time. Also, discuss how the value of a movie changes for you (as a viewer) after you have seen it and compare this to how the value of a song (music) changes after you have listened to it. What does this mean for Netflix? Does it influence your view of whether Netflix has or can establish a sustainable competitive advantage? 

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2. What are the benefits of scale in subscription video-on-demand? Is it important to have many subscribers (why/why not)? 

3. Discuss what Netflix’s main opportunities and threats are. Come to a shared position on this issue and be prepared to present it in class. It is important that you can justify why you think something is an opportunity or a threat, for example is it based on changing competitive forces (Porter, 2008), Schumpeterian shocks (Barney, 1991) or changing usefulness of different resources and capabilities (Barney, 1991)? Note that you are not asked to come up with solutions, just identify opportunities and threats.  

4. Prepare and agree on a plan of how to carry out the rest of the group assignment up to completion, including roles and responsibilities (who does what), times for meetings and how to deal with deviations from the plan or disagreement about analyses. For example, do you have weekly set meeting times or meetings on an ad hoc basis? What analyses need to be carried out first? Who is going to do these analyses and who will do the follow up analyses? Also, agree on workload and whether you intend to contribute equally towards to mark (see the Peer Review system in the overview of the Group assignment). Be prepared to present your plan to the class. Be prepared to take questions about your plan.  

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