Answer the following four questions

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The Stress and Coping Reading discussed the difference between problem-focused and emotion-focused coping.

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Following is a list of stressors. For each one, give a problem-focused and an emotion-focused strategy for dealing with the stressor. Remember the problem-focused either helps fix the problem or prevent it from recurring. The emotion-focused coping is designed to change your perspective on the problem. They are both important strategies to learn.

Example: Stressor: You get in an accident and wreck your car. Problem-focused strategy: You take photographs of the accident and call the insurance company daily to check on the status of your claim. Emotion-Focused Strategy: Whenever you start to feel discouraged about not having a car, you think to yourself how lucky you are that you did not get injured in the accident.

For each of the following stressors, come up with an emotion-focused and a problem-focused strategy. See the example above.

  1. Stressor: You get in a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  2. Stressor: You are late for work.
  3. Stressor: You get a low score on an important exam.
  4. Stressor: You have a “bad hair day.”
  5. Now, come up with your own. List a stressor that you experience, and give a problem-focused and an emotion-focused strategy for dealing with it.

To submit your homework:

  1. Save it either as a word document (doc or docx) or pdf.
  2. Attach the file to the assignment link. Do not send it through email.

Following are guidelines for this assignment:

  • I will grade mostly on content, but mechanics (grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.) do count, also.
  • Please proofread carefully.
  • Please use 12-point Times New Roman Font.
  • Use 1″ margins and double-space.

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