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1. Consider your role as a consumer. Where do you learn about news of your regular brands or products that are environmentally friendly? Which of these firms seem to be in the news often? Does hearing about company news that describes green marketing efforts increase your brand loyalty? Provide specific examples to support your answers.

2. A business-wide “Going Green” process is usually a top-down approach led by upper management. Lower level employees, however, may have a more practical view of day-to-day procedures. Should business leaders include all levels of employees when creating a sustainability plan, and if so, how can it be accomplished? What are some advantages and disadvantages to including employees in bottom-up business planning? Provide specific examples to support your answers.

You may find this generic blueprint a good foundation from which to address these questions: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. tips on how marketing green initiatives must involve the internal ‘customer’

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