answering questions on a case study

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class: Management information system

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two case studies 6 pages total, one is attached her and i’ll send the other one when the Somebody takes the question because i can not attach more than 5 items in here

please read the case study and answer the following questions and list any sources used at the end of each answer:

a. If you were a manager at Amazon, what data would you like to have about customer
purchase habits? How would you capture that data?

b. What should UPS and FEDEX be doing in response to Amazon’s interest in drone

c. Based on the facts presented in this case, what do you think is’s
competitive strategy? Justify your answer.

d. Do some research on Amazon since 2015 – what has changed? Is their strategy the
same? What other businesses are now in competition with Amazon? List your sources.

e. Considering recent security issues for package delivery, Amazon has innovated methods
of delivering packages to improve security and the customer experience. Research this
and briefly explain one of these methods. What additional information systems and/or
data do you think Amazon is using to do this? List your sources

f. Read the Zulily case on page 26 of your book. What are the differences between Zulily
and Amazon in how they use technology and their business strategy?

questions has to be fully answerd

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