APU PSYC101 week 6 quiz 5/APU PSYC101 week 6 quiz 5

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QuestionWeek 6 Quiz 5Return to Assessment ListPart 1 of 1 – 20.0/ 20.0 PointsQuestion 1 of 102.0/ 2.0 PointsWho conducted an experiment on the effects of punishment on learning that was, in reality, a classic experiment on obedience?A.Solomon AschB.Stanley MilgramC.Phillip ZimbardoD.Muzafer SherifQuestion 2 of 102.0/ 2.0 PointsWhat are two types of causal attributions that people make?A.Dispositional and situationalB.Environmental and situationalC.Personal and dispositionalD.Implicit and explicitQuestion 3 of 102.0/ 2.0 PointsWhat is the most effective strategy to reduce prejudice and us-them thinking?A.Encouraging social contact between groupsB.Having groups work together on a task requiring cooperation to reach a common goalC.Establishing legal equality of all groupsD.Education about social issues and diversityQuestion 4 of 102.0/ 2.0 PointsIs the Stanford prison study, what was it that caused the guards to treat the prisoners harshly?A.The instructions given to the guardsB.The actions of the prisonersC.The social contextD.Peer pressure from other guardsQuestion 5 of 102.0/ 2.0 PointsWhich of the following is a sign of groupthinkA.An illusion of vulnerabilityB.An illusion of anonymityC.Unbiased information seekingD.Self-censorshipQuestion 6 of 102.0/ 2.0 PointsIn Pavlov’s studies of classical conditioning in dogs, the food dish was the _______________.A.Conditioned stimulusB.Unconditioned stimulusC.Conditioned responseD.Unconditioned responseQuestion 7 of 102.0/ 2.0 PointsWhat is the difference between punishment and negative reinforcement?A.There is no difference-the terms are synonymousB.Punishment involves the presentation of an aversive consequence, but negative reinforcement involves the removal of a positive consequenceC.Negative reinforcement is part of operant conditioning, but punishment is used in classical conditioningD.Negative reinforcement strengthens behavior but punishment weakens itQuestion 8 of 102.0/ 2.0 PointsAlbert Bandura is well known for his study of __________________.A.Observational learningB.Latent learningC.Conditioned taste aversionD.PunishmentQuestion 9 of 102.0/ 2.0 PointsIn the “Little Albert” study, what was the unconditioned stimulus?A.A white ratB.A loud noiseC.A Santa Claus maskD.A neutral stimulusQuestion 10 of 102.0/ 2.0 PointsWhat procedure would be used to teach pigeons to play Ping Pong?A.Classical conditioningB.Observational learningC.ShapingD.Systematic desensitization

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