Art Analysis

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Pleas see the attached pic: Felicia van Bork. How To Beckon. 2015. Monotype Collage Mounted On Board 36″x36″

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  • Your analysis should contain 5 paragraphs:
    1. The first paragraph will need to include the name and location of the gallery or museum, title of the work of art, artist name, date, medium and size. Avoid just listing these items. Instead, try to make this information descriptive (in essay form).
    2. Next, a paragraph about form (how the work of art has been organized). When writing about formal elements and principles of organization, imagine you are describing the chosen work to someone who can’t see it. Be sure to use the vocabulary words you have learned so far . Here are some questions you should think about (be sure not to limit yourself to these questions): How is harmony created? Where is the focal point? What kind of balance is utilized? How is space arranged?
    3. Critical Core: your third paragraph will address the critical core component of our course, ‘Personal Growth and Cultural Literacy: Key Indicator 1: Students will demonstrate cultural awareness’. You will need to research the culture of your chosen work of art and write about how the work relates to its culture’s history, values, politics, economy, or beliefs and practices (you need to select just one of these areas). If you know the name of the artist, include some information about him/her. You will need to cite your sources. Here is the link to more information about the
    4. The fourth paragraph should contain your interpretation of subject matter and content . When writing about content, back up your opinion in a thoughtful way. Saying you like something isn’t enough…you must investigate why. You might want to include what you learned about the work’s culture.
    5. Your last paragraph should consider the main aspects of form that you have described in paragraph 2 and relate them to the content of the work. This summarizes how form relates to content to create unity in a work of art.

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