article review sociology

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Hello😁, below you will find the requirements of the article review. Please make this requirements based in the specific article that is attached below (PDF) and the screenshot is information about the article like author, published date etc. Also please link the article to one or more of the following topics: culture, social interaction in everyday life, socialization and/or groups and organizations. Please let me know which topics are you going to choose so I can send you specific information of the topic in my book and my notes so you can put it in the article review.

– Intro : Topic, Thesis statement

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– Summary

– Review

1. Why have you chosen this article? Provide at least 2 reasons for your reference article.

2. In 2 or more sentences, explain what the article is saying? I.e. what is this article about?

(a) What are some difficulties you may be experiencing understanding the article? Can you articulate or frame these difficulties in your own words?

3. What are some of the key concepts that the article utilizes? Do you find that these are clearly explained and defined?

(a) Simply, does the way in which concepts are defined “fit well” with the content and context of the article? Explain why or why not.

4. During and following the library workshop, use the pointers below as starting points to thinking through your article review. You will continue to think through these questions or prompts more analytically as the course progresses and as we cover more topics throughout semester:

(a) How will you descriptively title your article review?

(a) What sociological theory is the article using?

(b) What points does the author(s) do well to bring out in the article?

(c) Based on what you know and what we have discussed/read in class, what are some of the insightful observations that the author brings out?

(d) What ideas does the author(s) fail to bring out that one would consider relevant to the topic?

(e) Are there some contradictions in the text? If so, what are some of these contradictions or tensions?

(f) What might you add to the discussion that the author(s) might have failed to include in the article? In other words, what further areas of research might you suggest?

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