Assignment 1 The Issue Selection Assignment is the first step of three in the Research Paper Assignment. In this assignment, you will be selecting the topic for your Research Paper. You will stick

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Assignment 1

The Issue Selection Assignment is the first step of three in the Research Paper Assignment.  In this assignment, you will be selecting the topic for your Research Paper. You will stick with this topic for the remainder of the course. See the topics list in the announcements.

Please Note: There are THREE parts to this assignment (1. Select the topic from the pre-approved list. 2. Discuss the research process. 3. Declare your XYZ thesis statement. See the sample paper in the announcements. Complete all parts to receive full credit for the assignment.)

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*Include a title page in correct APA format. *

Label each part

Part 1: Topic Selection, select your topic from the approved topic list.

Part 2: Research Process

After you have selected your research paper topic/issue from the pre-approved topics, list that as part one.

Then, compose a well-developed paragraph discussing the purpose of your research paper. Include:

·        specific points or topics you envision in your research paper.

·        what kind of research you will look for (scholarly, popular, etc. Remember that you cannot use interviews, surveys, or personal experience in an academic paper)

·        where you will find your research

·        discuss bias, etc.

Part 3: Thesis Statement in XYZ format

Formulate a preliminary thesis statement that you will use for your argumentative research paper. The thesis should indicate to the reader the side of the issue being supported. You will have time as your paper comes together to revise your thesis statement as needed but use this as an opportunity to get feedback.

*Avoid the use of personal I statement when drafting the thesis statement. * Maintain the third person.

*Thesis statements are not in the form of a question. *

Use the model: Topic + Argument because of XYZ

Choose your topics from the pre-approved topics list.  Stick with this topic for the next three weeks.

Pre-approved Topics list (you must choose from this list)

Uniforms in Schools: should students have to wear them?

Marijuana: is the US regulating medical marijuana enough?

COVID: has COVID 19 changed how people work from home?

Healthcare: are hospitals doing enough to retain highly qualified nurses and healthcare staff?

Elder care: are there enough laws in place to protect the elderly? Standardized tests: are standardized tests still valuable in today’s culture?

Assignment 2


The second assignment due this week is the LETTER ASSIGNMENT. This week, you will write a letter. Use a letter format (you do not need to have a return or mailing address, but you should write to someone who can inform change) to write to a person of authority who you can persuade to make a change regarding an important issue on campus, at work, or in your community. This person needs to be convinced and should be able to make a change.

Your goals are to follow the organization below:

~Paragraph 1: briefly introduce yourself, explain the issue or problem, and provide evidence that the problem exists.

~Paragraph 2: ask for the changes/solution, keeping in mind the audience, as well as the others on campus, in your community, or at your workplace ~Paragraph 3: explain why the changes are necessary and the impact they will have and anticipate the person’s counterargument. Use this, along with empathy, to refute it. See the sample paper i the “reply” section below.

~Paragraph 4: Conclusion: reiterate the problem, solution, and your concern, and thank your reader for their time.


·        Do not include any outside research, therefore no reference page is required.

·        Use an APA title page, as with ALL assignments.

·        3 pages, not including the title page.

·        See the rubric for how you will be graded.

·        See the attached student sample.

·        Include salutations (Dear so and so…. Sincerely, your name)

·        Your submission must follow APA format: 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, one-inch margins, include a title page, and page numbers.

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