assignment 7

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please answer the all questions and make sure about last question write answer with 8-10 sentences by your own words.

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.1 The technical term for revelation of background material in a play is

A. imposition. B. juxtaposition. C. composition. D. exposition.

2. Another word that means “contrast in the connection of scenes” is

A. exposition. B. juxtaposition. C. composition. D. imposition.

3. A __________________ reinforces or runs parallel to the major plot in an episodic play.

A. exposition B. story C. climax D. subplot

4. Which is not a characteristic of extraordinary characters?

A. larger than life B. prestigious roles such as kings or queens C. pivotal but minor role D. depicts characters at their best and worst

5. A repetition or reenactment of a proceeding or a transaction which has acquired special meaning is called a: A. pattern. B. serial structure. C. ritual. D. tragedy.

6. An intellectual or artistic movement that breaks with tradition and therefore seems ahead of its time is called ________; literally, it means “advance guard in a military formation.”

A. en garde B. après-garde C. surtout garde D. avant-garde

7. The main representative character in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House who to this day serves as a symbol of the modern woman is: A. Hedda Gabler. B. Varya Trofimov. C. Irina Arkadina. D. Nora Helmer.

8. ________ was at the heart of most plot complications in the commedia dell’arte.

A. Capitano B. Pantalone C. Harlequin D. Dottore

9. Minor characters are

A. typically used as a dramatic device by the playwright to move the action along. B. typically used to be supportive or confidante-like characters for the central character in a play. C. usually those in which we see only one facet of their personalities. D. All of these answers are correct.

10- Why might nonhuman characters such as animals be effective for certain plays? What sorts of personalities are typified by certain animals? Discuss answers in terms of fairy tales for instance or Walt Disney or Pixar animation.( answer with 8-10 sentences)

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