research question 49

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a research question.

(1) Research Problem: Write a brief summary of an issue or problem (you can use the same one) that you feel would benefit by quantitative research, abut a paragraph in the form of research problem

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(2) Identify the variable, at least one ID and one DV. Consider any potential confounding variables. The most troublesome ones are the ones we don;t expect!!! It is not always possible to predict, but everything possible should be considered.

(3) Research Question: State the research question (Would you state the research question in the same way that you did in Module 1?)

(4) What kind of hypothesis would be the best fit for this research problem. go ahead, give it a shot….How would you write a hypothesis for this study?

(5) Give this some thought….do you see any potential barriers to actually doing research in this area. Cost? Being able to access potential subjects? Ethical issues?

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