microsoft access module 3 maintaining a database

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1. Open the Client table in Design view. 2. Add a Lookup field called Client Type to the Client table. The field should be inserted after the Advisor Number field. The field will contain data on the type of client. The client types are TRT (trust), INV (invest), and RET (retirement). Save the changes to the Client table.

3. Create the following validation rules for the Client table. a. Specify the legal values TRT, INV, and RET for the Client Type field. Enter Must be TRT, INV, or RET as the validation text. b. Make the Client Name field a required field.

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4. Save the changes and close the table. You do not need to test the current data. 5. Create an update query for the Client table. Change all the entries in the Client Type field to INV. Run the query and save it as Client Type Update Query.

6. Open the Client table in Datasheet view, update the following records, and then close the table: a. Change the client type for clients BB35, CC25, CJ45, and CP03 to RET. b. Change the client type for clients MM01 and PS67 to TRT.

7. Create a split form for the Client table. Save the form as Client Split Form. 8. Open the Client Split Form in Form view, find client HN23, and change the client name from Henry Niemer to Henry Neimer. Close the form.

9. Establish referential integrity between the Advisor table (the one table) and the Client table (the many table). Cascade the update but not the delete. Save the relationship.

10. If requested to do so by your instructor, rename the Client Split Form as Split Form for First Name Last Name where First Name Last Name is your name.

11. Submit the revised database in the format specified by your instructor. 12.

The values in the Client Type field are currently in the order TRT, INV, and RET. How would you reorder the values to INV, RET, and TRT in the Client Type list?

Stuck on #9-12. Not sure if I even did the others right. Need help

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