the gilgamesh epic

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You must read, or have knowledge of the reading, “The Gilgamesh Epic” to answer this essay question.

ONLY CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS and write an essay response (it must contain an introduction, body, and conclusion). Support your conclusions with ACTUAL PASSAGES OR REFERENCES TO THE TEXT!!

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  1. What assumptions can you make about the ancient Babylonians based on your reading of The Gilgamesh Epic? What kinds of things were important to them. What kinds of qualities did Gilgamesh possess that the storytellers wanted others to emulate?
  2. Every culture seems to tell stories about the topic of immortality. Discuss Gilgamesh’s drive for immortality and the extent to which his motivation might apply to readers today.
  3. What does the friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu tell you about the character of both men?
  4. Gilgamesh does not really get what he wants. In the end, he loses his friend and is unsuccessful in his quest for immortality. He’s still considered a hero by almost every scholar who studies this story. Why? Discuss the idea that someone can fail at accomplishing his or her goals yet still be a hero.

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