case study amazon com evolving into offline retail

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The individual case analysis assignment is to measure the analytical thinking and the communication related to writing skills. The assignment will be evaluated by the Critical Thinking Rubric attached. The assignment should be between 5-12 pages in APA format, double spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font and with a 1” margin. Please include a title page and a reference page (not part of the 5 – 12 pages). Your paper should include at least 6 references (one being the case), with in text citations. The individual case for this semester is Evolving into Offline Retail by Won-Yong Oh. A copy of the case “AMAZON.COM: EVOLVING INTO OFFLINE RETAIL” is attached.

The assignment will be submitted through Blackboard and it will be checked by SafeAssign for Plagiarism. You will be allowed to see the percentage accessed to you prior to final submission. Any references or facts not cited will be counted as plagiarism. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. EVERYTHING MUST BE CITED.

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Points will be given or deducted based on style as well as content. A paper with spelling, grammatical and typing errors will not receive full credit, regardless of content. Also, any text, table, chart, graph, etc. taken from another source (including a web page) that is not properly cited will be treated asplagiarism. If you are not sure what plagiarism is and how to avoid it, please refer to an expert source,such as “A Writer’s Reference” by Diana Hacker.

I have also attached a set of slides from class to guide the tutor on the topics that need to be addressed throughout the case.

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