Before you begin this assignment, make sure to locate your Module 3 Unit Plan. Your list of materials and resources will align with and support your unit activities. In addition, to get a general ide

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Before you begin this assignment, make sure to locate your Module 3 Unit Plan.  Your list of materials and resources will align with and support your unit activities.

In addition, to get a general idea of what a list will look like, review the following samples:

  • Sample 1 Materials and Resource List
  • Sample 2 Materials and Resource List


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There is no template for this assignment.  You should use a Word document to construct your list of materials and resources.

Give your document a title: List of Materials and Resources

Use two headings to organize your list:  Materials    Resources


Create the list of materials needed to support your unit plan activities. Again, take a look at the activities you included in our Mod 3 unit plan.  Your materials should support these activities.

There is no required number of materials. Just make sure to include everything you need to be able to complete the activities you listed in your unit plan.

Materials are things like paper, scissors, laptops, books, paint, glue, cooking utensils, jump ropes, basketballs, markers, etc. Think about consumables (things you will use up like glue or paint or paper).

Think about specific equipment you may need depending on your activities: pots and pans and kitchen utensils might be needed for a unit on culinary arts;  balls, bats, mitts, nets might be needed for a sports program; drums, guitars, trumpets, sheet music might be needed for a music program; DVDs, computers, calculators, iPads, stopwatches, whiteboards, screens, etc.  Remember any technology needs.

Materials are also the items you use to support instruction like YouTube videos, URLs to activities, worksheets, books, curriculum, online programs, etc.


Resources are agencies, non-profits, colleges, businesses, institutions, museums, churches, or people – social workers, counselors, artists, authors, clergy, business owners, professors, scientists, etc.  Resources function as support for your kids in your program.  Resources could help with unit content (like subject matter experts) but they also assume an important role in helping kids with things like meeting individual needs (think social workers, counselors, agencies that help with health assessments, medical care, food and clothing, etc.).

Resources will most likely be found on your list as the website for the resource. Example: Junior Achievement  Junior Achievement is a valuable resource for programs that want to focus on financial literacy.

To locate the right resources, you need to think about the population of kids your unit (and program)  is intended to serve.

Use the course resources as well as your own research to select resources that promote and support the acceptance of all children’s gender, family, race, language, culture, and individual needs. Think about the kinds of resources you would need to support the kids who would be participating in your unit activities.

For each resource you list, write a brief description of the service(s) provided and how those services meet the needs of children.

Do not copy and paste from the website. Always put the description in your own words.

For this assignment, you want to include three (3) resources.

Please see attached files. The module 3 unit plan is attached along with a sample material and resource list. Youth program resources attached. Summer youth literacy and  sports program. Math, science, and reading.

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