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Body of Research Paper

Topic: Teen Pregnacy

Follow the
directions below for the completion of the body paragraphs draft Purpose:
The purpose of this assignment is to continue drafting your academic
argumentative research paper.

Description: In this assignment, you will write
three to four body paragraphs. The following requirements must be included in
the assignment:

  • Body Paragraphs: You will construct three to four
    paragraphs comprised of five to seven sentences each. Each paragraph should be
    between 150-200 words. At a minimum, this portion of the paper should be around 450-600 words (for three paragraphs); a
    body section of this length will meet the minimum requirements of the
    assignment. The following components must be included in each body paragraph
    (in the following order).

  • Sentence 1: Point/reason sentence: This topic sentence will contain
    one of your reasons.

  • Sentence 2: Explanation: In this sentence, you provide a
    sentence that further develops or explains Sentence 1.

  • Sentence 3: Illustration: This sentence introduces evidence
    that supports the reason that is presented in Sentence 1.

  • Sentence 4: Explanation of the

    Because the evidence does not necessarily stand on its own, you need to provide
    explanation so that the reader will understand how you interpreted the evidence
    to come to your reason.

  • Sentences 5-6: Second illustration
    and explanation (optional):

    You may choose to include a second piece of evidence that is then followed by
    an explanation.

  • Last Sentence: Transition: In this sentence, you will signal
    to the reader that you will be moving on to another point in the next
    paragraph. You do this to ease the movement from one point to another.

    Provide a minimum of 5 sources that are cited in APA
    style on your reference page

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