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I need a book journal on the Big Burn. My professor wants a detailed book journal, this is not a summery. He wants to know what I thought about each chapter. A paragraph for each chapter will do.

1. It ties the book into the course, and offers examples from the book that illustrate specific major themes covered in the course.

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2. It is well-written; each sentence is clear, fresh, and informative. It features a variety in the choice of words.

3. Sentences flow from one to the next smoothly and seamlessly. Paragraphs are well organized by topic and idea. Transitional sentences at the end or beginning of paragraphs guide the reader from one major point to the next.

4. It grapples with the author’s s purpose in writing the book and indicates whether or not the author succeeds in persuading his/her reader towards a certain point of view. Is the book persuasive? The “A” paper demonstrates whether or not such is the case.

5. It shows that the writer tied the book into his or her own life and grapples with the meaning of the book within the context of the present as well as the past.

6. Students who write “A” papers generally try to step back and assess the long-term consequences of an individual or an event. Such a paper indicates that a student on some level is asking: what does this mean to me and to the times in which I live? What are the consequences of a particular person or event? How has our society been shaped by the course of events about which the author is writing? A paper that engages these larger questions of relevance and significance differentiates a good journal from a superior one.

7. The “A” student demonstrates how the author’s ideas, criticisms, arguments, and major points illustrate, clarify, obfuscate, or otherwise relate to topics and issues covered in the course.

8. I repeat that “A” journals at various points indicate how and why issues raised by the author are at all relevant to our own times.

9. In short, the “A” student followed the instructions—and takes suggestions very seriously—in the assignment entitled “Reading Journal” in the syllabus.

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