Boundary crossings and dual relationships

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Title: Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships in the Human Services Edition: 2nd (2012) Author: Frederic G. Reamer Publisher: Perseus Book ISBN: 978-0-231-15701- Chapter 1 in your text,

Please read the following:

Review Standards 5, 6, 19, and 43 from:National Organization for Human Services. (2015). Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals. Retrieved from…

Your original response to the Discussion topic should be at least 350 words and should reflect the fact that you have completed the readings and activities. Use your words wisely so that the posting has substance and includes examples and explanations. Best practice is to include citations and a reference list.

Boundary crossings and dual relationships are some of the most common ethical issues faced by human service professionals. What steps do you plan to take in your practice to minimize difficulties arising from these issues?

Choose one of the five scenarios listed on pages 1 and 2 of your textbook, Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships in the Human Services, and discuss how you would handle the situation in a manner consistent with the NOHS Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals. Contrast that with behavior that would be incongruent with the values and ethics of the profession. Be specific in your response.

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