Building Execution into the Change Management Plan

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Building Execution into the Change Management Plan

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have read about and practiced with various concepts concerning change
management processes and executing change management plans. Now you will
apply that knowledge to a company scenario, building in implementation
into the process so it is actionable.

You own a fairly successful eatery and microbrewery with cafe tables
that seat 1,000 customers at any one time and serve several types of
ethnic food in a large barn-like space in Chicago, Illinois. The
restaurant has 15,000 square feet with 25-foot ceilings. After several
years in business, and increasing competition, you have decided that you
are really in the entertainment business. Besides food offerings, you
decide you will create a large games venue with a small stage for live
entertainment. Since you can put in a second floor above the restaurant
area you will not have to worry about purchasing extra land. You
currently have 60 employees which includes four (4) managers that work
either day or evening shifts 7 days a week. You determine only another
20 employees will need to be hired to service the games area of the
venue where drinks will also be served.

bank to which you are applying for an expansion loan wants to see how
you will plan for this major change and how you will execute this plan
successfully to justify the loan. Provide a convincing introductory memo
(i.e. cover memo) to the banking officer that will summarize your basic
change management plan that will convince the officer to approve the
loan. You may consult the Writing Center regarding writing persuasive memos through Academic Tools.

Respond to the checklist items below in an essay consisting of 4–6 pages in length with an additional title and references page in APA format and citation style and a memo that will summarize your plan and persuade the loan officers.


  • Identify the goals of the change management initiative.
  • Provide an initial action plan for implementing your change initiative based on priorities.
  • Explain what tools and processes you will use to implement your action plan.
  • Explain how each step will be executed in the change management process to make it viable.
  • What leadership strategies will you use to ensure the plan is executed successfully?

Access the rubric

Submit your (1) persuasive memo and (2) the 4–6-page paper with additional references page in APA format and citation style to the Unit 5 Assignment Dropbox.

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