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Using stat tools, I would like a word document analysis based not eh results using STAT tools, an extension to excel. With that being said, I need an analysis followed by a copying/pasting the stat tools output to word. Also, a discussion on why you chose the test and what the interpretations mean for the company. for all 4 questions:

Performance Lawn Equipment

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Your manager, Elizabeth Burke, has identified some additional questions she would like you to answer using the Performance Lawn Equipment Database

  1. Are there significant differences in ratings of specific product/service attributes in the Customer Survey worksheet?
  2. In the worksheet On-Time Delivery, has the proportion of on-time deliveries in 2018 significantly improved since 2014?
  3. Although engineering has collected data on alternative process costs for building transmissions in the worksheet Transmission Costs, why didn’t they reach a conclusion as to whether one of the proposed processes s better than the current process?
  4. Are there differences in employee retention due to gender, college graduation status, or whether the employee is from the local area in the data in the worksheet Employee Retention?

Conduct appropriate statistical analyses and hypothesis tests to answer these questions and summarize your results in a formal report to your (fictional) manager, Ms. Burke.

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