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Statement of Need
Gateway International Missions, Inc. (GIMI) is a nonprofit organization which the primary function and focus are to share the gospel of Jesus Christ primarily in Africa and mostly in Kenya where we have been for over 25 years. In its course of actions, GIMI extends the mission by doing a lot of humanitarian work in all the countries that we go to share the gospel with have shipped millions of dollars’ worth of medical equipment here to the prison hospitals in Kenya, also in Uganda, and as far as Ghana West Africa. Mainly, we assist to individuals, families, and communities with need in necessities. One of our primary emphasis is as we try to minister the population, we try to help children. In that optic, we decide to contribute to the eradication of malaria in Benin. Malaria is one of the diseases suffered by most Beninese people and particularly children. It is caused by the bite of the female anopheles (mosquito) that transmits the parasite to humans. Indeed, “42.9% of general consultation of the population concerns the affection of malaria and 49.5% in the children of 5 years old who are generally the first victims of this pandemic” (ReliefWeb, 2017).
Malaria is the first reason for hospitalization in the country’s hospitals. The leading cause of death, especially in the ranks of children under 5, is malaria, which has the highest incidence.
GIMI role is to amend and help with getting 5,000 impregnated mosquito nets to help the lagoon population, especially the children to help fight this unnecessary disease that is decimating the young generation. These children are vulnerable, and we intend to come to their rescue in conjunction with the local authorities’ efforts.
here is the instructions: This section is often the bulk of a Grant Proposal and requires a great deal of thought, planning and purposeful writing.
The first step is to write a goal with a series of objectives to solve “the problem” you identified in the “Statement of Need”. The objectives need to be chronologically ordered and specific. A combination of behavioral, performance, process and product objectives are recommended. In general, you will have three objectives for each goal. Each objective will have multiple strategies and each strategy will have multiple activities. This is why it is important to focus on one problem/need. I suggest creating no more than one or two goals for this proposal.
Then based on the project goal and objectives, you need to identify and explain the activities to implement your organization’s “solution” based on your strategies. Be sure your activity description is comprehensive. For example, if you plan to hire new staff, think through all the issues to get this process done [e.g. advertisement, interviews, background checks, references check, etc…] and the time it would take to complete the hiring process.
You also need to keep in mind two other issues. First, your objectives are the items to be assessed in the evaluation component of the Grant. Objectives should be SMART. Secondly, when you create your budget summary, the individual line items will reflect the costs associated with the activities that are fulfilling the objectives.
Don’t forget to use a timeline table in your Project Description. Whether it’s a Gantt chart or a similar table illustrated in the textbooks, it serves as a valuable planning function.

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