500 words essay for art history

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Raphael, Philosophy (School of Athens), Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican Palace, Rome, Italy, 1509 – 1511. Fresco, 19′ x 27′

500 word essay response.

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Your answer should be at least 500 words and contain a thesis statement. Your essay response should use and define key terms that are relevant to and reference the content presented in this class.

The writing should be organized and free of any spelling or grammar issues.

In addition to using and defining key terms, referencing the content of this course, your essay should also be grounded in the form of the art itself. Be sure to offer visual descriptive examples found in the artwork as visual evidence to support your claims.

Do not do an internet search for this part of the exam. This is not a research assignment. The essay part of the exam is your opportunity to demonstrate that you have completed the assigned readings from the textbook and the modules. You will not receive credit for information not presented in this course. If your answer contains un-cited information from an outside source you will receive a “0” on the essay part of the exam.

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