Analysing and comparing a new researched material with present material used in different…

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Aims The aims of this project include; • Investigating a product and its purpose to a specific industry • Analysing and comparing a new researched material with present material used in different industries. • verifying how a product will perform with different design and material type. • Providing recommendation based on analytical results and research. Background The world is facing a lot of challenges. Most of these challenges have proven to be a treat to the existence of the planet and its habitants. Challenges such as climate change, global warming and presence of plastic in the ocean has raised a lot of concerns along the years. Many countries and species of animals have suffered from the effect of these challenges that have required immediate remedies. Focusing mainly on the presence of plastic in our ocean. This is one of the biggest changes the world is facing. Consumers and producers have now realised the implications of the continuous use of plastic especially in the food and drink industries. Brands such as coke and Pepsi produce tonnes of plastic to package their famous drinks(British plastic foundation, 2019). research has proven that plastic is toxic, it can take centuries for a single plastic to be fully decomposed. Knowing this, a lot of solution has been invented in order to reduce the presence of plastic. Recycling plastics was the conscious solution invented to prevent this problem. However, statistics have shown that there is still an alarming presence of plastics in the ocean. A more effective solution is required. Technological advancement has given rise to different ideas and possible invention in terms of alternative packaging. However, these ideas have been altered by different factors such as; cost, availability of material, feasibility, risk and quantity.


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