HI6026 – Audit, Assurance, and Compliance – Demonstrate an understanding of the reporting…

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Students are required to research the factors which create the demand for assurance

and consider the benefits of assurance for key stakeholders, including those employed

by the client company as well as the general public at large.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the reporting requirements of auditing standards

(ULO 1)

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the auditor’s professional, legal and ethical

responsibilities to their clients and third parties (ULO 2)

3. Understand the auditor’s reporting obligations (ULO 5)

Assignment Specifications


This assignment aims to enhance students’ critical thinking skills and higher order application abilities

by researching what the key factors are which create the demand for assurance services. Students

will also need to consider the benefits of assurance services to key stakeholders including:

Shareholders, Directors, Creditors, Suppliers, Customers, Regulators and potential investors.

The assignment structure must be as follows:

1. Holmes Institute Assignment Cover Sheet – Full Name, Student No., Campus, Session No.

2. Executive Summary

• The Executive summary should be concise and not involve too much detail.

• It should make commentary on the main points only and follow the sequence of the report.

• Write the Executive Summary after the report is completed, and once you have an overview

of the whole text.

• The Executive Summary appears on the first page of the report.

3. Contents Page – This needs to show a logical listing of all the sub-headings of the report’s

contents. Note this is excluded from the total word count.

4. Introduction – A short paragraph which includes background, scope and the main points raised

in order of importance. There should be a brief conclusion statement at the end of the


5. Main Body Paragraphs with numbered sub-headings – Detailed information which elaborates on

the main points raised in the Introduction. Each paragraph should begin with a clear topic

sentence, then supporting sentences with facts and evidence obtained from research and finish

with a concluding sentence at the end.

6. Conclusion – A logical and coherent evaluation based on a thorough and an objective assessment

of the research performed.

7. Appendices – Include any additional explanatory information which is supplementary and/ or

graphical to help communicate the main ideas made in the report. Refer to the appendices in the

main body paragraphs, as and where appropriate. (Note this is excluded from the total word count.)


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