Explain the following authentication methods and protocols • Lightweight Directory Access…

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Your task is to research and provide the most appropriate answers for the questions. Q.1 Explain following authentication methods and protocols • Lightweight Directory Access protocol (LDAP): – • Kerberos: – Q.2 Discuss compatibility issues and resolution procedures Q.3 List any 4 current network operating systems (NOS) Q.4 describe current server applications. Compatibility issues and resolution procedures • Nginx • vCenter Server • oracle Weblogic Q.5 list documentation required for networks Q.6 Explain Windows Server error, event logging and reporting Q.7 summarise file and print management Q.8 Discuss file system security Q.9 Discuss high availability options for servers Q.10 Discuss network file systems and sharing Q.11 What is network service configuration and Network Service security Q.12 Explain operating system help and support utilities Q.13 List and describe performance monitoring tools and tuning options Q.14 Describe the process of managing a project, including : process or task management, task s scheduling utilities Q.15 Explain troubleshooting tools and techniques, including network diagnostic utilities Q.16 Describe user authentication and directory services.


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