Keller says, “As long as gender is thought to pertain only to women, any question about its role…

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Gender and Science: An Update Discussion Questions • Keller says, “As long as gender is thought to pertain only to women, any question about its role can only be understood as a question about the presence or absence of biologically female persons. Can you think of other examples of organizing categories seeming to apply to only the marginalized groups? Here’s one I thought of: One example: sexuality; queer visibility is often seen as inappropriate for children (because there are ideas about age-appropriate acknowledgement sexuality), while representations of straight, monogamous couples isn’t associated with sexuality in the same way. Straight-couple representation fits into “well that’s just how the world is” / being straight is more closely associated with being normal than with romance or sexuality. • Find all 12 examples Keller gives of dichotomous and hierarchical relations. (Page numbers provided in slides) • Can you think of any others? • As a group, take one of the examples Keller gives and explore what it would look like if the boundaries maintaining binary oppositions were blurred. (e.g., how might our understanding/experiences be different if thinking and feeling weren’t defined as binary oppositions? • On page 135, Keller says, “The reasons for the divergence in perception between feminist critics and women scientists are deep and complex…reflect a difference in mindset…so radical that “feminist scientist” appears today as much a contradiction in terms as a “woman scientist” once did.” For what reason(s) could “feminist scientist” be a contradiction?


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