History Essay and discussion

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The Past & Its Present Impact-(10%)  

Reflect on the historical events and ideologies discussed over the semester. 

Select a time period, person or specific event that has significantly impacted or altered your perception of the American past. 

In a 600-800 word essay, identify the watershed/person/event, explaining how/why it impacted your intellectual and personal development.  What specific people or outcomes as well as components from class (readings, videos, primary sources, group activities) helped you arrive at this conclusion.

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Chapter 15 Discussion Question (The Andersons)


Jul 26 at 6:54pm

Among the many changes of Reconstruction was the emancipation of close to four million enslaved men, women and children.  Many new freedpeople responded by relocating to various areas, others were even approached by their former owners to return and work on their former slave holdings.   Read the following primary source of a letter from a former slave who expressed his thoughts about returning to his old master.   Access the letter at: http://www.lettersofnote.com/2012/01/to-my-old-master.html, then respond to the following questions:

Describe Mr. Anderson’s tone in the letter.


Why was it significant to Jourdan that his wife is called “Mrs. Anderson?”


What was Anderson’s feelings concerning his children?  What type of life did he desire for them?


What was the “shame” and “violence,” he wanted to prevent his children from experiencing?


What are your overall thoughts about the letter?

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