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Background Story: Please focus on social capital. Provide a brief review of what has been said in the published literature about the issue you are addressing. Then, discuss how your study is connected to the earlier studies and how it builds upon them. Cite all references at the end of the report. 


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The issue that rotary club has is why the club is losing memberships and statistics has been shown in the published literature that loosing membership by following reasons: “Lack of leadership agreement on purposes and goals. Loss of desire and initiative to make the necessary changes. Losing sight of the overall objective and Failure to properly educate and communicate with all involved” (Henry 1). It indicates the listed problems are the major ones that rotary club needs to be solved in order to gain more memberships and maintain the old members. Based on the information study, the connected solutions to those major problems have been indicated.

First of all, the organization needs to be more effective and efficient in cooperation of various instead of just one-person show in order to converse membership failure. The leaders of rotary can form an agreement to gain members’ trust and show them the determination of the leaders that they are able to satisfy their members’ needs and further advancing the purpose of rotary. Second, establish a powerful partnership can make members to have good faith to the organization. But the problem is the club should not omit the time when they are trying to build a partnership. Also new members would think the partnership size will be connected to the club size that larger the partnership can attract new members and keep the old ones. Furthermore, to build an association within a good rational length of time can make members to believe all works are achievable when they worked together to outline the ideas. Third, “success breeds success” (Henry 2). Organization should get more and more people and members involved into proper celebrations with short-term success that make them to keep focus on the vision of club accomplishment. It also can build a timely milestone as motivation.

Nevertheless, communication is one of the most important ways to bind all the members together. Also communication failure may cost many problems that finally makes the club apart because improper ways to communicate with each other would make people loose their trust from other people.  So communicate appropriately, faithfully and correctly are necessary for organizations and clubs to updates to all people involved. In addition, getingt all the obstacles out of the way. Sometimes, problems can motivate people on their path to success, but most of the time are not because nobody likes problems. So organizations should move all the questions and barriers from members that could stop them from being successful. Otherwise, it could costs more people to leave the organization because they don’t feel like getting things done in such organization. Also, when obstacles occurred, leaders of organization will need to make harder decisions. So it is bad for both side, and the best method for it is to move all the problems out of the way. Lastly, never blame on people to accomplish the assignment too soon. All members would have their own goals in the organization. So when they are trying their best to finish the assignment, the organization should celebrate with them instead of complaining the assignment is not done well enough.

All in all, all the information have been listed above are the connected solustions based on the early study.


word cited: 


Henry, J. (2009, April 13). A Series of Eight Articles on Reversing a Membership Freefall. Retrieved December 10, 2014, from

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Based on the results, it showed us that social capital has the most predictive power in explaining intention to participate in voluntary organization. 

Social capital is defined as the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively. Also can be difined as the institutions, relationships, and norms that shape the quality and quantity of a society’s social interactions. 

The issue we have been addressing is that why rotary club is losing membership.

Nowadays people are living in busy modern lifes meaning that limited time for volunteer and membership activities after their work and family obligations. 

There were used to be many common-interest groups or associations that were formed in pre-internet days, for the main purpose of sharing information that would have been otherwise hard to come by. now that there are a lot of websites and other web sources which offers people a lot of information. people can get those information even if they do not join the associations. 

The Rotary club is for the people who owns the business or people who work as a business man or woman who wants to grow their business. 

The growth of economies has been downsizing due to many reasons and in order to join the rotary club, the members need to pay the fee in order to be a maintained member. because of the downsizing of the economy people are not attracted to join the clubs anymore. 

The reasons are, one, because people do not want to spend the extra money other than essential goods. two, because people can get a lot of informations from a lot of web sources which makes them to think do not need to join the clubs anymore. 

Another reason why people do not join the organizations anymore is that people do not have enough time to do much of anything for themselves, so that means they do not have enough time to join the group activities. Many of them now have families of their own with young children, and their lives are basically consumed by their children’s activities, school, sports practice, dance lessons, tutoring, all the while, trying to balance a career and have a social life. if you think about it, it is very hard to find a leisure time and join the organizations. 

it is not about lack of interest of joining the clubs but more about lack of time. People would love to be part of the communities, societies, or clubs, but they just do not have enough time to join it. 

Putnam, R. (1982, February 1). Retrieved from

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