seminar 8.8

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PART 1 (250 WORDS)

The Unit 8 Seminar focuses on integrating creativity across the curriculum. You should make every effort to complete the assigned readings for the unit before the Seminar so you will be prepared to discuss your topics.

1.      Compare and contrast the Reggio Emilia and High/Scope programs. How are creative thinking and the arts included in these two different settings? Which one do you think is the most effective and why? Be prepared to defend your argument to your fellow classmates.

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2.      Defend the argument that a project approach should follow the interests of the children and is the most meaningful curricular approach for them. What can be done to ensure that the arts are a component in the project?


3.      Be prepared to share one activity that you have prepared for your Unit 9 Project.

PART 2 (250 WORDS)

Part of your Web Resource assignment is to visit and read the article “Who is Eligible for Protections Under Section 504 … but Not Under IDEA?” Another assignment is to view the chart on the American Academy of Pediatrics site and compare IDEA, NCLB, ADA, and 504. You will discuss your findings with your classmates and address the following:

1.      To quote the Wrightslaw article, answer the question posed in the title, “Who is Eligible for Protections Under Section 504 … but Not Under IDEA?”


2.      How do IDEA, NCLB ADA and 504 compare to one another? Which law do you think is the most valuable? Explain your reasoning.

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