response dq1b

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Respond to the below person’s DQ.  Write as if you are directly speaking to them. Provide additional insight or thoughts or offer a different approach.  Use in text citations and APA formatting.


I gained a lot from reading my article entitled: Becoming “Copwise“ : Policing, Culture, and the Collateral Consequences of Street –Level Criminalization. Stuart (2016) this article examines how street-level criminalization transforms the cultural contexts of poor urban communities. A recent study indicates that residents develop and deploy a particular cultural frame “copwise” that they can engage in new forms of self-representation they are able to manipulate the police and predict what they will do.

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However, one of the insights that I gained was that I did not know that people were getting more “Copwise” I didn’t know that people were able to manipulate the police and the Criminal Justice system. Unfortunately, a lot of crime does happen in the urban communication, it does appear that more African Americans commit crimes than any other race. However, I do not know if any other race does commit more crimes but I know that African American’s are targeted more so it does appear that way statistically.

The factors that appear to contribute to the unique nature of American Crime appear to be poverty, racism and lack of opportunities for Black people. In my opinion, racism appears to be a leading factor for crimes in the United States. There are so many factors that are involved, for instances if you are a criminal or a felon or have any type of record it is really hard for you to get a good paying job which will result in frustration and people coming back to Prison. It is very difficult for African American’s to get jobs that have a clean record like myself. Unfortunately, we still face racism on a regular basis at our jobs and healthcare it is a revolving door and cycle for many African Americans.

Changing demographics may impact America if the same people move into a different demographic committing the same crimes. The crime rate will increase and the racial profiling will continue. Unfortunately, people attempt to stereo-type or profile these people and you can’t. Just like the “black lives matter campaign” All lives matter, people say how can worry about the Black lives matter campaign when there is so much black on black crime? Crime is crime regardless of your race.



Stuart, F. (2016). Becoming “copwise“: Policing, culture, and the collateral consequences

of street-level criminalization. Law & Society Review, 50(2), 279-313. Retrieved from

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