intro create program offers user several distinct options and perform options selected detai

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Intro Create a program that offers the user several distinct options and perform the option(s) selected. Details When the program runs, a list of operations is offered to the user in a pop-up box. The user chooses one of the operations and the program interacts with the user as necessary to carry out the choice. After the operation is complete, re-offer the task list. Continue until option 4 is exercised. The tasks offered must include: 1. Generate a multiplication table for numbers 1-12 2. Solicit an integer and indicate which numbers from 1-100 are divisible by that number. 3. Solicit a list of names and write them to a file name “players.txt”. 4. Do nothing (exit program without doing anything further) Deliverables Put in Asn 7 drop box. 1 well formed, well documented java source file.

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