can someone write a 4 page essay on the great zimbabwe, all the instructions will be posted.

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► Paper Composition: The 4-page research paper must be written in introduction-body-conclusion format
and should include accurate use of in-text citations as well as a bibliography. At least 4 references must be

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used (see below). Aside from the few mandatory content elements listed below, you are free to focus your
paper on any aspect of the site that interests you.

  • Mandatory Content:
  • Essay Format:
    o TypedFULL4pagesoftext(minimum)
    o Double-spaced
    o 1-inchmargins
    o 12-pointTimesorCalibrifont
    o Name/Classinformationlistedintop-rightcorner(single-spaced)
     First & last name
     Class / Day / Start time
     Semester
    o ReferencesCitedpage,ifneeded,followingAAAformat(seebelow)
    ► References: At least 4 references must be used, one of which may be from a reliable website. The course
    textbook and lectures may not be used as a primary source. Outside sources must be cited (1) within the
    text, and (2) in a separate References Cited page. In-text references and quote formats, as well as the
    References Cited format MUST follow the American Anthropologist style guide (a journal of the American
    Anthropological Association, AAA). A link to the American Anthropologist style guide is provided in the
    Course Documents & Resources area of CANVAS.
  • Information for:
    o In-textcitationsofquotationscanbefoundonpage4
     Format: (author date:page #)
     Example: “……………..” (Murray 2000:7).
    o In-textcitationsofparaphrasedinformationcanbefoundonpage5
     Format: (author date)
     Example: ……………… (Murray 2000).
    o ReferencesCitedformatsstartonpage7
     Please visit office hours if you need clarification.
  • Please note: scanned/digitized academic and periodical articles that are accessed through library
    databases, such as EBSCO Host, JSTOR and Project Muse, are not considered websites and may be
    used freely.
  • Textbooks may not be used as a source for your paper.
    ► Plagiarism: Make sure to clearly distinguish your thoughts and ideas from those of others by using in-
    text citations and a References Cited list. Plagiarism is surprisingly easy to detect, and will be dealt with
    harshly. Once submitted to Canvas, student papers will automatically be ran through turnitin, a plagiarism
    detection program.
    ► Grading Procedures: The assignment will be graded based upon an analysis of the following elements:
    – Meeting the deadline – Accuracy of information

o Geographicallocation
o Associatedculturalgroup/community/civilization
o Timerange/dateofsite
o Sitediscovery,ifrelevant
o Thoroughoverview/summaryofthesiteanditsprimaryfeatures
o Significantsiteinterpretations

See the Overview of Plagiarism & Turnitin, posted in the Course Documents & Resources

area of CANVAS, to learn more about how the program will be used.

– Following directions
– Completeness
– Content

– Written Performance
– Spelling & Grammar
– Citations (appropriate use & accuracy)

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