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This is a Capstone project. It is to bring into reality everything you have learned in the past two years. I will be extremely critical of what you write and how you evaluate the Department. It needs to be honest and from your perspective only.

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Research two separate agencies and do your paper on them. Follow the syllabus the best you can.

Write a comparative analysis of any two Law Enforcement agencies.

Make sure you meet all the requirements of the paper for BOTH departments.

The agency’s Departments and their function

Salary and its structure (educational incentives, POST training that add money to the salary, etc.,.)

The uniqueness of the uniforms, patches, badges, if they have an explorers program, do they take interns (you may want to do this in the future), etc.

Basically anything that stands them apart from the rest of the agencies in the world.

Stores County Law Enforcement Agency

Virginia City, NV

Lyon County Sheriff’s Department Fernley, NV

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