challenges of expansion to a foreign location 18

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Revise/Review/EDIT your Week 3 assignment, Research Analysis for Business, This Week 6 report should only include one conclusion, so you will need to rewrite the conclusion you included in your Week 3 assignment.

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Assignment represents a prototype of a real locational decisions, and expansion, an entry into an additional market which holds some financial and market risk to you client. Your role remains as consultant, and you must advise client to get paid. Do not tell your client about their business, as they already know about their business. Client is using your services to reduce RISK. Real stuff…Scope represents a real life project/analysis/report to MR/MS BIGDEALso consider brief format and presentation.

Select a foreign market or US MSA regionain which to expand your chosen product. Would be OK should you choose expansion into a US market. Would think data readily available (FRED) for US regional market…yourchoice. Make sure reader understands the scope of the work…

Prepare a minimum 1,050-word report addressing the points listed below. Use tables and/or charts to display economic data over the time period discussed. you may submit any economic data in Microsoft Excel format in a separate file. You may use the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), U.S. Dept. of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the Federal Reserve of St. Louis’s FRED data, the CIA World Fact Book, World Bank data, and World Trade Organization, or other appropriate sources you might find on the Internet or University Library. The new sections of your report should:


• Evaluate current global/national economic conditions and their effects on macroeconomic indicators in your selected country/state/MSA. Provide forecasts for

o (1) population growth,

o (2) gross domestic product (GDP) growth or state product, GDP per capita growth,

o (3) export growth, and sales growth.One/two paragraphs…with bullet points for variables.

• Evaluate any competitors’ existing production/presencein the chosen location/region/country.

o One paragraph about competitors…and another strategic paragraph speaking to industry organization (Perfect Comp, Markets, Monopolistic Comp, Oligopoly or Monopoly) And discuss price competition (one or two sentences)

• Assess sales forecasts if available in the selected location by using the Federal Reserve of St. Louis’s FRED data, the CIA World Fact Book, World Bank data, World Trade Organization, or other appropriate sources you might find on the Internet or in the University Library.

• Categorize the type of economy that exists in your selected country as closed, mixed, or market. What is the difference between these types of economies and how might this affect your expansion?If you choose a country will need one/two paragraphs about country organization or political climate.


• Assess how your chosen country’s current credit market conditions, especially interest rates and the availability of financing, affect demand for your product or service and your planning or operating decision for your production in that country.One sentence discussing bullet points below.

o Interest rates

o Credit conditions

o Loan Production

o Bankrupticies or defaults..

• Analyze the role of the selected country’s central bank on that country’s economy.Maybe short discussion of expansionary or contractionary monetary policy…is US location just check out www.FederalReserve.govOne paragraph about Monetary policy….i.e. expansionary or contractionary…

• Compare the availability, education, and job skills of the work force in the selected country. IFRED should have this for US. Trading economics for other countries. Just a sentence mention as to wage changes…want to know if wages are rising in the MSA or region

â–ª Data on education attainment of workers

â–ª Measure of wage levels

• Discuss any additional challenges of international production, such as

o political stability,

o availability of government financing or other incentives,

o threat of capital controls, and

o exchange rate risks.

• If another country…just a sentence or two about this…or just dismiss, If US will have to comment about the pandemic and your opinion as to start of OPEN up US economy.

• ‘

• Explain any additional supply chain challenges you anticipate if attempting to make your product in your chosen country and selling the product in other countries.Only brief mention…if US discuss pandemic reductions in transport…one or two sentence behind a bullet point to show MR/MS BIGDEAL that you considered this.


• Based on the data gathered and analysis performed for this report write a conclusion in which you:


• Create business strategies,

• including

o price and non-price strategies, based on your market structure to ensure the market share and potential market expansions and explore global opportunities for your business in a dynamic business environment and provide recommendations.One paragraph talking about changes in market structure resulting from entry into the market or selected location.


o Develop a recommendation for how the firm can manage its future production by synthesizing the macroeconomic and microeconomic data presented.Section will opine about wisdom of locational change…a yes or no

o Propose how the firm’s position within the market and among its competitors will allow it to take your recommended action.Another suggestion about market structure,,could be included above

o Recommend strategies for the firm to sustain its success going forward by evaluating the findings

â–ª demand trends,

â–ª price elasticity,

â–ª current stage of the business cycle,

o Statement about demand and supply conditions of the market i.e. the products/service provided. If big store like WALMART will have to generalize….APPLE has electronics but many products. I know APPLE is considering additional service centers around the US and other countries.


• Recommend any comparative advantages your company will have over competitors currently operating in that country,

o and defend your position,

â–ª either for or against, expanding your company’s production into your chosen country.



Integrate with the Week 3 individual assignment, and incorporate corrections and suggestions from the instructor’s feedback. The final report should be a minimum of 2,800 words. I do not count words. MR/MS BIGDEAL only want the answer….

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