Chapter 10: The Internet and Social Media, communications homework help

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Chapter 10: The Internet and Social Media

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Worksheet 10.5 Technical Literacy in an Interconnected World

Our exposure to and experiences with technology have always influenced our culture. Coca-Cola is a word that is understood worldwide in every language, largely because of the ability of the company to deluge the world with the products’ image by using the media. The interconnected world brings other major changes. Think about how the following scenarios indicate cultural change.

1. One day you will graduate from college. How will you get your name and experience out to employers? How might the current generation of students do this differently from the way your parents’ generation did?

2. Employers who are looking for workers are interconnected to varying degrees. Some are probably older and more traditional in their use and view of technology. When would sending an electronic resume be an advantage, and when would it be a disadvantage in the job search process?

3. In the distant past, marriages usually occurred within the bounds of a large clan or family group. As civilization advanced, people began marrying outside of their families, but usually within a community of similar individuals. Crossing lines of social class and community were difficult in looking for a mate. Today, the Internet provides a way for people to make initial connections on their way to what they intend to be permanent relationships. How has this affected culture? Are there people who look down on this cultural change? In what way?

4. What other cultural changes can you see that either exist today or might be forthcoming because of the Internet?

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